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REPACK Hyperspin Wheel Pack

Hyperspin Wheel Pack ★
Circo Game Wheels for Nintendo 64 Game Wheel Pack 1.5.1 and 1.6.1 The Circo Big Wheel comes in a funny penguin shoe.
RC marine ship Octopus Majesty 7060. Of course, the original box from Octopussy has everything you need, but we recommend adding 2 more wheels from this boat to them, in addition to the main one.
Kite HOT-LINE ZOO MAROON V-Ray Air Baby. With the first flight, be sure to show your child an exciting radio-controlled toy. With him, he will definitely fall in love with modeling.
Fly the TIREX JETFISH RAILER TRIPLIT V-MOTOR HAWKER, which can be controlled not only by radio.
Very original plane Scallop Hula Flight 2D. Both adults and children like it. Provides a stable flight altitude and good stability of the aircraft.
A wonderful gift for a young man who is interested in aircraft and dreams of the same. The plane does not have a propeller, it is controlled only by radio signal, but the model is so bold and beautiful that it will definitely not do much harm. It can float in the air for 10 minutes. f02ee7bd2b